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Take a Hike

One of the things that makes a strong team is sharing special times together. In October the GGT team headed to Kananaskis at the end of the work week. We hiked part of Ribbon Creek Trail and made good time despite a recent snowfall!

The GGT team hiking Ribbon Falls in Kananaskis

Then there were lots of laughs over a delicious dinner at the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge and hilarity during an impromptu game of charades. Everyone left with great memories and more appreciation for who their co-workers are outside of the office.

Sharing stories and laughs at the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge

Not only are events like this great team building opportunities but they also promote a healthy lifestyle. Fresh air, exercise, and laughter keeps us healthy and happy. Sure, we still indulge in office treats every Wednesday during our team meeting (mmmm cinnamon buns), but now those treats are totally justified because of that one time we went on a hike.

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