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Meet Phoebe!

Updated: May 14, 2019

A very sweet golden retriever named Phoebe has been spending time at the GGT office, and you might get the chance to meet her when you stop by. She is friendly, calm, and loves attention. However, if you are wary of dogs or have allergies, she can hang out in someone’s office with the door closed while you’re here – it's all good!

Ever wonder what the daily routine of a hard-working accountant (dog) is like?
The humans made me wear these glasses

Phoebe's Tasks:

  • Come into the office and say “good morning” to her co-workers

  • Find a spot in the middle of the floor for a morning nap (the higher the foot traffic, the better)

  • Greet clients at the door and follow them into the boardroom in hope of a scratch

  • Take another nap (this time near the kitchen)

  • Stare out the door at the kids walking by. On extra special days a kid will come into the office to meet Phoebe and yell “DOGGY!”

  • Do a round of the office while everyone is eating their lunch in hope that a crumb will fall to the ground

  • Take a co-worker for a WALK!!! This is the only time Phoebe is vocal – she can’t contain her excitement and starts to howl & run in circles when she sees her leash

  • Back to work. Make sure her co-workers are happy and reduce stress levels if necessary

  • Take a break for an ice cube snack

  • Head home at the end of the day, satisfied in knowing that she did her job well

"Today was ruff"
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