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Emigration and Immigration

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Whether you are leaving or coming to Canada, are you aware of your tax obligations?

Immigrating to Canada

There can be significant income tax implications of immigrating to Canada.

At a glance, some points to consider:

  • Residency in Canada

  • Non-Resident

  • Foreign Property reporting

  • Tax Treaties

  • Treatment of income earned or paid abroad

  • Immigration Trusts

Immigrants entering Canada with investments should seek out professional advice as the cost of the property may differ for tax purposes. This can result in a significant tax savings or liability.

Thorough tax planning should be considered when deciding to move to Canada.

Emigrating from Canada

In today’s global economic world, businesses and personal situations are always evolving.

When determining your tax status, analysis of your economic and social ties within Canada should be considered. These circumstances can vary and can be complicated.

A passive determination of residency can lead to a significant tax obligation enforceable by the Canadian government.

Working Abroad

Canada has a comprehensive network of tax treaties with other nations around the world. Many of these treaties allow for certain types of income to be taxed in the country of origin. This can result in a resident of Canada being required to file a foreign tax return.

If you are carrying on business outside of Canada (individually or through a corporation), or your employment requires you to work abroad, we strongly advise examining the potential cross-border tax impact.

GGT Chartered Professional Accountants are experienced in such matters and we are happy to assist in determining whether your cross-border tax circumstances warrant further international tax compliance.

The above is not all-inclusive and there could be other points to consider based on your personal situation. We are here to discuss your circumstance and come up with a strategy that works best for you.

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The information in this publication is current as of September 3, 2019.

This publication has been carefully prepared; however, it was written in general terms and should not be seen as legal or tax advice. This publication should not take the place of professional advice specific to your own family circumstance. GGT Chartered Professional Accountants, its partners and employees do not accept or assume any liability or duty of care for any loss arising from any action taken or not taken based on a decision made in relation to the concepts discussed in this publication.

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