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Taxation is an important consideration in business and wealth planning. Every year, statutory income tax laws change and become more complex. In order to navigate the ever changing legislation, your professionals should remain up-to-date on Canadian taxation concepts.

GGT offers tax compliance and planning engagements that are accurate, timely, and innovative to ensure you achieve your personal and corporate goals. GGT’s knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals diligently keep up-to-date on legislative changes, and act quickly to deliver and implement strategies that maximize your savings. We firmly believe that tax compliance and planning should not keep you up at night.


Focus on the success of your business and let us take care of the tax and reporting requirements. As part of your management team, we understand that communication is key and provide tailored advice throughout the business cycle. 

Let us handle CRA inquiries on your behalf to keep your business compliant.

A full list of our business tax services can be found here

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Making financial and business decisions requires an understanding of the performance of your company. Clear and accurate financial statements and projections can provide a better picture as to where you were, and where you are going.

We help our clients to go beyond the financial statements, and understand how these numbers affect the bigger picture.


A full list of our accounting and assurance services can be found here


The loss of a loved one is a challenging time. Administering their financial affairs after their passing can add to the stress. At GGT Chartered Professional Accountants, we seek to help our clients navigate through the complex requirements of ensuring that all necessary tax filings of the deceased are complete.


A full list of our Estate services can be found here

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We provide our clients with an effective tax plan that takes into account current legislation, investment opportunities, and wealth preservation. This all-encompassing plan also addresses any tax liability that may arise.

A full list of our personal tax services can be found here


Communicate with ease. 

In addition to English, two staff members are fluent in:

  • Mandarin Chinese  普通話中文

  • Korean  한국어

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